DAF BBI+ contains an essential online toolkit for professional bodybuilders that enables streamlined assembly of bodybuilding projects. Load an order or vehicle reference to access a full vehicle specification as selected by your customer, together with accurate 2D- and 3D information of the vehicle.

Why BBI+?


Comprehensive Information

An extensive suite of information resources available in 13 languages. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shopping solution for Bodybuilders!

Advanced Functionality

Using Order Information, you can access and verify a full vehicle or order specification with all options as selected by your customer.

Detailed Measurements

Future developments will enable you to zoom and show & hide parts in the a 3D truckmodel, and make detailed measurements on the chassis frame and components to determine free space.

Detailed Resources

Enter an accurate 3D Rendering tool with pan and rotate features to have a visual of the final vehicle ex-works.

Improved Efficiencies

New user-friendly tools enable you to view a complete list of options, logistical information and progress at DAF Eindhoven. Subscribe to an order and stay informed about changes and progress.

New Features

Download order specific 2D chassis drawings and 3D CAD files of sections of the vehicles and share order details with your customer or DAF Dealer.


What else is on BBI+?

Why BBI Order Information

Order Information

Enter a quote reference, order number or chassis number and view a full set of specific logistical, technical and specification information.

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BBI⁺ News

A news feed about relevant DAF product modifications and changes in the DAF BBI content.

Why BBI Bodybuilder Guidelines

Bodybuilder Guidelines

Find in-depth technical directives and instructions either via Body Quick Guides or by using the Order Information page.

Why BBI Products


Detailed product information about features and options that can be selected on our current vehicles series.

Why BBI Support when you need it

Support when you need it

Local contact information should you need further support via the nearest DAF dealer or subsidiary.


Bodybuilder Report

An order specific report with all body-related vehicle specifications, and essential calculations including chassis height, axle loads and vehicle dimensions.

Why BBI News

Precise Details

Coming soon, new features enabling you to download and zoom in to 3D-models to make detailed measurements of the chassis frame.

Why BBI Legal Information

Legal Information

EC Legislation and all necessary documentation for obtaining WVTA approval of completed vehicles including the body.



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