Euro 3 5 Header XF105

The DAF XF, CF and LF (MY 05)

The DAF legacy truck range and the start of market-leading transport efficiency.

Where haulage operations fall outside of the requirement for Euro 6, and perhaps are more demanding than European everyday conditions, our legacy truck ranges offer a tried and tested solution with rugged reliability built into each model. No longer produced, but many will be in service for quite some time!

Euro 3 5 Bodybuilder-Guidelines


The guidelines give the bodybuilder advice and assistance to obtain a homogeneous and optimally functioning assembly of the superstructure and DAF chassis.

Euro 3 5 Chassis Drawings

Chassis drawings

DAF chassis layout drawings can be found using the filter function or via the Drawing Number search box. Drawings are available in pdf-format and as files.

Euro 3 5 Specifications


Country specific product specification sheets for each of the different DAF vehicle types can be found and downloaded in pdf-format, using the search function.


Cab grid drawings, Design files and Visualization files

Cab grid drawings, design files and visualisation files can be downloaded in the download library. Click on the hyperlink for more information about how and when to use a specific kind of drawing or file.

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Euro 3 5 Visualization files


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