New LF - CF - XF

DAF Euro 6 model range

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  • DAF BodyBuilder Guidelines

    DAF The New CF and XF chassis

    The guidelines give the bodybuilder advice and assistance to obtain a homogeneous and optimally functioning assembly of superstructure and DAF chassis.

    DAF Bodybuilder Guidelines
  • Chassis drawings New LF - CF - XF

    Chassisdrawings new CF and XF 640

    DAF chassis layout drawings can be found using the search function below or via the drawing number. The drawings are available in pdf-format and as files.

  • Specification sheets

    XF Euro 6 chrome strip

    Country specific product specification sheets for each of the different DAF vehicle types can be found and downloaded in pdf-format, using the search function.

  • Cab grid drawings new LF- CF - XF


    The 2D front and side views of CF and XF cabs are intended to support the design of striping and company logos on the cab.

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  • Design files new LF - CF - XF


    Step files of all LF, CF and XF cab rear walls and air intake duct variants can be used during the design process to make the integration between chassis and superstructure a lot easier.

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  • Visualization files New LF, CF and XF


    CAD files of simplified LF, CF and XF cabs and chassis will support the visualization of the complete vehicle including the body construction. The CAD files can be downloaded in JT-format.

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More about 3D CAD files


Go to the explanation of how to use the 3D CAD files which can be found on the website.

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