DAF Euro 6 vehicle program

DAF has introduced updated trucks of the Euro 6 generation for CF and XF series. To determin of which version a certain vehicle is, the following distinguishing features can be helpful.

The front logo bar has a new design in with a recessed surface and chrome edges around the characters.

Current New
XF Euro 6 chrome strip

The engine power ratings are different for current and new vehicles:

MX-11 MX-13
Current 290 - 330 - 370 - 400 - 440 410 - 460 - 510
New 300 - 340 - 370 - 410 - 450 450 - 480 - 530

The complete new program off all tractor excecutions are all introduced in week 17 of 2017 but the current models will be produced until week 45.

For rigids, the new vehicles with axle layouts FAR/N/S are introduced in week 17 but the current models will be produced until week 45. New models for other axle configurations will follow later in 2017

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