Visualization files Euro 6

CAD files of simplified LF, CF and XF cabs and chassis will support the visualization of the complete vehicle including the body construction.

The CAD files can be downloaded in JT-format.

LF 8-12t

Extended Day Cab / Sleeper Cab

LF 14-16t

Extended Day Cab / Sleeper Cab

LF 19t

Extended Day Cab / Sleeper Cab

CF MX-11

CF MX-13



Comfort Cab

Super Space Cab


Chassis examples

FA (4x2) chassis (WB: 5400mm / AE: 2400mm)

FAG (6x2) chassis (WB: 5350mm / AE: 1000mm)

FAN/R/S (6x2) chassis (WB: 4800mm / AE: 2900mm)

FAT (6x4) chassis (WB: 5000mm / AE: 1650mm)

FAD (8x4) chassis (WB: 5050mm / AE: 1650mm)

FT (4x2) chassis (WB: 3600mm / AE: 990mm)

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