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Even more information

In addition to the information that you will find on this website, you can register for the website DAF BodyBuilder Information Plus.

The DAF BodyBuilder Information Plus portal contains many more subjects that may be of direct interest to you:

Order information Check the order status and detailed specification of trucks
BodyBuilder Guidelines Euro 6
Guidelines for Euro 6 vehicles, guidelines archive and additional information sheets
Detailed product information
Advice about axle configurations and options per transport segment
WVTA information
EC directives and WVTA documents
Drawings Request for order specific frame drawings (applicable in Belgium, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)

3D CAD files, for easy adaptation of the superstructure to the cab and chassis 
Environment All aspects about our products and factories
Services Information about the DAF services
About DAF General information and history
Contact information Get in touch with DAF Sales Engineering
News Interesting product and other news

DAF BodyBuilder Information Plus

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